Why choose us?

As an individual, you will be able to use the Certificates to get employment under any organization’s Finance department.

Start your own Bookkeeping Company and assist organizations in various sectors with all their basic Bookkeeping needs. From Small to Medium Enterprises.

Small and Medium enterprises may also enroll their employees to ensure that their Bookkeeping needs are catered for by the most knowledgeable staff and internal consultation will be less costly for them. That way they will be able to make very much informed decisions as far as their funds is concerned.

 As a Business owner, the course will boost your finance knowledge thus you will be able to track your company’s position and performances by analyzing your daily transactions in your entity.

Our Values

To develop well rounded, confident and ambitious people who aspire to achieve their full potential.
The academy will prepare our students to understand, contribute, and succeed in a rapidly changing society. To ensure that they develop bot skills and competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy.