ZAR 4 500.00 /subject
Access to WhatsApp discussion forums
Access to Tutor /Lecturer email support
Live webinars are not included
Textbooks are not included as PDF Downloads are available.

Pay as You Go

Interactive – R780.00 once off per hour
Recorded – R682.50 once off per hour
Book BEFORE the Webinar
Once off lecture for one hour.


ZAR 6 550.00 /subject
Access to live webinars (per module/topic)
Access to WhatsApp discussion forum
Access to Tutor/Lecturer email support
Textbooks not included as PDF Downloads are available)

Pay as You Go
Interactive – R780.00 once off per hour
Recorded – R682.50 once off per hour
Booked AFTER the Webinar
Access to one recorded webinar

The following fees are not included in our fees.


R360 – Annual Student registration fee (No member benefits)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Exemption Fees
R470 – RPL / Exemption application fee
R390 – RPL / Exemption fee per subject – accredited prior learning /qualification (no PoE required)
R945 – RPl PoE fee per subject (PoE to be completed)

Exam Related Fees
R675 – Assessment fee for Digital PoE
R260 – Assessment postponement fee per subject / learning area
R490 – Assessment late entry fee per subject / learning area
R950 – Assessment Remark & Examiners Report (fee per subject / learning area)
R1250 – Private Invigilator Admin Fee (Prior Approval Required)
R260 – Certificate Re-print (including postage)
R1250 – Workplace PoE Assessments (Learner ships)


Bookkeeping Academy presents their ICB Accredited programs in association with a fully ICB accredited service provider.
The ICB is an Independent External Examination Body
For Accredited Business Qualifications
In Southern Africa since 1931.

The ICB is an appointed Quality Assurance Partner for QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations). This means that they are authorized to conduct examinations on a number of Registered Qualifications that are on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework). The Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Fasset) issues NQF aligned certificates and diplomas to our graduates.

The role of the ICB is to create pathways for students to obtain valuable business studies skills for employment that are endorsed by credible Business Qualifications.
The ICB is not a training provider. Rather, it is an examining body for several registered business qualifications.

All ICB training providers are accredited colleges who are registered with DHET (Department of Education and Higher Training).