The webinar is designed for individuals in all kinds of their respective careers. Accountants, tax practitioners, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Learning outcome:

  • How to navigate around the SARS e-filing portal
  • Creating an e-Filing profile
  • Appointing SARS representative for the company
  • Tax types registrations (VAT, PAYE)
  • Capturing the ITR14 form, VAT201 & IRP6
  • Lodging dispute on e-Filing
  • How to make online SARS appointment
  • Submissions of Returns ( Income Tax, Vat & Payroll )
  • Following up on queries on e-filing and SARS correspondence
  • Checking the Tax compliance status
    – Generating the Tax Compliance Pins
  • The virtual goodie bag consists of the following:
  • Copy of the presentation
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Templates
  • Full recording of the session
  • Free 15 minutes consultation

When: Friday, 02 December 2022
Where: Zoom
Time: 09:00AM – 11:00AM

For more info:

WhatsApp / Tel (060) 705 2488

Fee = R550.00 per person
The link will be sent to you before 6 am on the day.

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N.B We are unfortunately unable to offer recordings at this stage.

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